Wy-OM-ing Yoga Retreat: OM on the Range

An Overnight Retreat

June 21 – 22 in Historic Atlantic City, Wyoming

Do you want to replenish your natural energy?

Do you crave inner calm?

Are you ready to re-connect to your authentic, joyful self?

Let’s face it. You know that everything is interconnected. You can only be “on” for so long, before you burn out. And if you’re burnt out, you aren’t being your best self in your work, with your family, or with friends.

Fortunately, the solution is simple! You just need to take time every so often to:


To this end, I offer you the Wy-OM-ing Yoga Retreat: OM on the Range, on June 21-22!

You see, I understand your desire to live a happier, more fulfilling life!
Since I started studying yoga and regularly using the tools of physical poses, breathwork, chanting, meditation and self-reflection, I find I can easily tap into an unending source of joyful calm energy.

In my personal yoga practice, I’ve particularly been fascinated by the meaning and experience of OM. It’s hard to put into words, but is sometimes described as the feeling of being one with the universe (however you conceive it), infinitely peaceful and blissful. I’ve studied ancient teachings on OM and gone into personal retreat to contemplate and experience it as fully as I can (With some rather amazing effects, as I’ve shared with some of you before.)

Although OM is mysterious in many ways, I believe everyone who desires it can use the wisdom of the ancient mantra to access greater energy, ease and joy. So I have developed a four-step experiential process inspired by my experiences and study of OM, that will guide you progressively from the external world into a deeper meditative state.

That’s what we’re going to play with at the Wy-OM-ing Yoga Retreat: OM on the Range, on June 21-22.

The Wy-OM-ing Retreat is specifically designed to help you feel connected and supported as you take a couple days away from your everyday world to renew yourself.

The Retreat provides you with a setting that will enhance your experience, including:


We’ll keep it fun, too! The retreat will be in quirky historic Atlantic City, Wyoming. The retreat will be held at the beautiful and unique Miner’s Delight Bed & Breakfast, which has been reserved exclusively for our group.

Click here and register by June 18.  (You may need to scroll down when the page opens to see the retreat.)

Registration ends June 15, and space is limited, so you must act now!  Just click on the underlined link to register.

Wy-OM-ing is calling you, register Here Now!

Retreat details will follow your registration, but if you have questions now, please just contact me at lorna@synergyfitnessandwellness.com or (307) 362-5632.
(Now we can sing together the retreat theme song…Oh give me an OM, where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play…where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day…)

Details:  Retreat and meals are included. Lodging is separate: please contact the Miner’s Delight Bed & Breakfast at 307-332-0248 right away to book your accommodations at our retreat location in historic Atlantic City, Wyoming!

This special registration is nonrefundable, although it may be transferred to someone else or credit may be applied to your account if you cancel more than 30 days in advance.  Just come! It’s easier. 🙂

 Please contact me if you have any questions at all!

“Before working with Lorna, I had wondered about meditation and its appeal in so many cultures. She has broadened my experience by introducing a meditation practice that, in the stillness of the moment, has helped me connect with my ‘inner self’ and experience a depth of being that I didn’t know was possible. In this peaceful quiet one can really connect the body, mind and spirit. And the neat thing is that anybody can do it.”

–Norma Prevedel


“Lorna’s practical, well-organized approach and spiritual guidance makes it possible to focus on one or two important paths and not be distracted by endless possibilities. Her workshops are rich in knowledge and inspiration.”

–Jana Weber

“I feel confident and excited because I know that I have a very caring and qualified teacher to help and guide me.”

–Anita Bell