Whole Life Synergy: From Vision to Reality


A Full-day Retreat with Lorna Lange

Friday, February 28, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Are you ready to have your own customized wellness plan that will

motivate you to move more effectively, consistently and joyfully toward

higher levels of body-mind-spirit health and well-being?

Join me in this full-day retreat where I will guide and support you as you contemplate your highest needs, desires, and goals and then systematically chart a concrete course to achieving your most inspired wellness dreams in a way that is balanced, realistic and fun! (Or you can keep on doing what you’ve been doing, and keep on getting what you’ve been getting. I’m just sayin’…)

It all happens on Friday, February 28!

It’s important to dedicate time each year to re-evaluate your highest needs, desires, and goals.  Whether you have a particular wellness-related problem to solve or already feel like you are on the right path but are ready to accelerate your personal transformation, this retreat will enhance your confidence and commitment and create more ease in your approach.  We’ll be using profound meditative and reflective techniques inspired by the yoga tradition to support your vision process and achievement.

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Regular fee $245, now just $195!

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Aren’t you tired of planning to change but not carrying through?

Haven’t you had enough of fatigue and doubt and  discontent?

All you need is a little guidance and support to start uncovering your own natural, vibrant health and happiness! By acknowleding all areas of your life and getting honest about your priorities, desires and challenges as they are appearing RIGHT NOW, you can create an inspiring vision for the year AND accelerate your movement toward it with less effort and more joy! I’ve created this retreat from all my study and personal experience of fitness and personal improvement since I was 14 years old (that’s a pretty long time!), as well as the experience of my thousands of fitness, yoga, and wellness coaching students and clients over the past 10 years.

And now you can reap the benefits of a tried and true system that meets you wherever you are right now, with no judgment, no regrets. It’s all about being truly present in the moment today and looking together toward an even brighter future.

Be prepared to use some meditative techniques to really go beyond just your intellect and truly access your heart’s wisdom as we co-create your plan for wellness success!


Reserve your spot now in Whole Life Synergy: From Vision to Reality

“As a fitness coach for Synergy Fitness & Wellness I am blessed to be a part of Lorna’s studio.  I have observed Lorna assisting seekers from all walks of life.  Thirsty for more, students always come back to Lorna’s for her knowledge as she radiates a very passionate and calm effect.  Her techniques naturally re-balance the body mind and spirit.  The studio is very inviting and relaxing, this is a place of well being to clients of all levels.  Students leave their session feeling well, satisfied and balanced, eager for their next experience.  Lorna’s retreats have been a life-changing experience for me as well as others.  Clients discover a center of calmness and learn to apply that creatively to any aspect of their life. Lorna Lange is truly an inspiration for me.  I am blessed!!!” ~ Karen Bonomo


“I’ve done 3 of Lorna’s retreats now.  Each one was transformative for me.  And..each one gave me something solid and practical to take home to further develop the insights I experienced.” ~ Jana Weber