What’s Wrong With You?

Ask not achat sildenafil mylan ligne “what’s wrong with me”, instead ask “what’s right with me”

I recently had a great call with a coaching client, where we talked about an experience she was having that felt like “what’s wrong with me” that this is going on. By the end of the call, she had the insight that what she thought was wrong, may actually be “what’s right with her.

Whoa, that’s a major game-changer! [Enter the game of inner yoga.]

What would it feel like for you, to have someone support you in seeing that those things about yourself that make you feel guilty or that make you feel like you’re not living up to your own expectations, or that your body is your enemy…what would if feel like to realize that those very things are your own innate intelligence providing you some very important healing and life-transforming information?

And what if you knew what to do with that information?

And what if you actually did it!

That’s what we’re all about when we join forces. You. Me. A few other people that hang around with me.

So if you sense you may be ready to shift your view about yourself from wrong to right without having to change everything about yourself and the world (whew! that just sounds exhausting) and to feel the peace, joy and love it can bring into your own life, please contact me right now to set up a complementary phone consultation. I have just a couple spots left to work with folks like you! Just send an email to me at lorna@synergyfitnessandwellness.com requesting a acheterviagrafr24.com consultation and we’ll get clear about cialis generique whether this is a match for you.

I look forward to our connection and all the healing and transformation and, oh yes, also laughter to come!

Love and light-


Lorna Lange, M.S., RYT-500, CPT
Yoga Transformation Coach
Synergy Fitness & Wellness

P.S. Are you next? Contact https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ me to set up a conversation for us to find out: lorna@synergyfitnessandwellness.com. No attachment, no obligation.