Things to do with Chakras

“So, Lorna,”  I’ve been asked. “What are Chakras and what do you do with them?”
This is a great question with a not so simple answer.
From an ancient yogic perspective chakras are energetic centers correlated to certain locations of the body (like the navel, heart and throat) and certain functions of the body (like digestion or respiration), as well as emotional and mental function. But their greatest potential is to serve us on the spiritual path of personal transformation, self-realization, and liberation from suffering.
What you “do” with chakras–if you want to evolve spiritually–isopen them through the appropriate practices, including pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting) and meditation.
Learning more about chakras and cultivating a greater awareness of your own chakra centers is a way to expand into your full potential as a healthy, whole person. And I personally think it’s an amazingly fun and fascinating way! (I guess that’s why I keep deepening my own chakra practices and teach clients about them, too. :))

If you want to explore the chakras, consider coming the Chakra & Soma Retreat or set up a complimentary consultation to find out about sessions we can do at the studio or by phone: or (307) 362-5632. Chakra-licious!