The Need for a Teacher

Twice this month I had the honor of personally re-connecting with my two yoga teachers-Gary and Mirka Kraftsow. Both times I was blown away by how much guidance, information and support they provided me. And how much I need to have that from time to time, even though I am a yoga teacher myself.

You see, there have been some changes in my life, my body and my personality due in large part to the practices I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. And I need to shift some things to keep the momentum going and to continue to experience truly awesome benefits from my practice.

As a practitioner, it’s often a challenge to see yourself as clearly as a teacher does. In both my experiences this month, each offered a new direction for my practice that builds on what I’ve done so far. And I’ve seen amazing results in just a couple weeks with the new practices.

If you do yoga on your own or in a class that doesn’t provide customization, I really encourage you to consider working one-on-one with a yoga teacher from time to time so you can reap these same kinds of rewards. It’s actually the only way I work with yoga clients anymore–one-on-one or in very, very small groups–so that I can provide a high degree of customization and really get a chance to SEE my students and support them.

If you’re a beginner or have unique needs that make youwonder if a class will work for you, it’s ideal to start out with private sessions so you can feel comfortable. I’ve never met a person yet who couldn’t do yoga with some appropriate guidance.

Besides all those reasons, private sessions help you keep enthusiasm for your yoga practice high. And as the Yoga Sutras remind us, an effective practice is one that we do for a long time, consistently, and with enthusiasm!