Are you taking action on your life purpose?
Do you even know what it is?

I know how you feel! You’re not alone.

In nearly 15 years of practicing and facilitating yoga, I’ve been fascinated by how much activity we involve ourselves in, yet how little of it actually fulfills our deep — often unconscious– longing for true connection to our highest Self. Yet when we take the time to calm down, tune in and look deeply inside, we can see who we REALLY are.  From that powerful knowing, it becomes simpler and more satisfying to lay out the steps we must–we WANT to– commit to in order to fulfill our full potential and bring that unique piece of the puzzle to the world, as we are meant to.

This retreat is all about living your life in alignment with your purpose: knowing what it is and knowing what your next steps are to really BE it..   Whether that is related to your work, how you are in relationships, or anyway that you are meant to bring yourself into the world at this time.

1 payment of $900

2 monthly payments of $460

Yoga Transformation Retreat: Dharma and Karma

Living in Action with Your Life Purpose
April 13-15, 2018

Everything is always changing…So to expect that you will find ONE magic answer, or one magic mantra, and will never need to change again is a recipe for insanity. The second thing I’ve learned is THERE ARE ANCIENT, REPLICABLE TECHNIQUES to address every shift and nuance of our way of being in the world. So, yay! we have the choice to observe where we are at and then we have another choice to intelligently employ an appropriate technique to influence how we want to be in the future.

So this is what we will do at the Yoga Transformation Retreat. This is what it is all about:


Mostly it is about doing the real, inner work of yoga for personal transformation. And having fun with that!

Beyond all that, a Yoga Transformation Retreat IS:


Ultimately the Yoga Transformation Retreat is a springboard to living as your highest Self—it’s what I know offers the most direct way, streamlined way to do this.

1 payment of $900

2 monthly payments of $460

Yoga Transformation Retreat
April 13-15, 2018

So this is what you’ll get from this experience:
Yoga at Wild Iris


Here’s what one of my retreat attendees, Tamme, experienced: Coming into the retreat she said she felt suffocated and chaotic—with work and personal responsibilities. She couldn’t focus her mind and physically she felt agitated and depleted. When she left the retreat she was filled with a sense of invigorating calm, a sense of direction. Ready and able to observe and learn and grow. Feeling very renewed and positive.

This is what I want for you, too.

And this is what drives me to keep offering these transformative inner yoga retreats. I’ve done almost 20 retreats, now.
And I am committed to making each experience even better than the last.
And I so look forward to serving YOU as part of the upcoming Yoga Transformation Retreat.

So here’s what you need to do:

Just reserve your spot by clicking on the registration button below. As I mentioned earlier, space is limited—it’s really important to me that this retreat is kept intimate and a safe place to explore and be supported in. And also because spots do tend to fill up quickly, tuition will be increasing very soon. So be sure to register right away. To lock in your spot, again just click on the button below. And I so look forward to sharing this really transformational experience with you.

1 payment of $900

2 monthly payments of $460

Yoga Transformation Retreat

April 13-15, 2018
In mountainous Park City, Utah—east of Salt Lake City

No prior yoga experience is needed. This is a non-residential retreat, so you can choose the lodging that works best for you.

Retreat details will follow your registration, but if you have questions now, please just contact me at I would love to set a time to visit more with you about the retreat, if you like!

Full refund available through March 1, 2018. Refund Request must be received in writing at After March 1, 2018, no refunds are available, however in the unfortunate event you must cancel, at your written request, your full purchase amount will be credited to your account for use by no later than December 31, 2018.

“Before working with Lorna, I had wondered about meditation and its appeal in so many cultures. She has broadened my experience by introducing a meditation practice that, in the stillness of the moment, has helped me connect with my ‘inner self’ and experience a depth of being that I didn’t know was possible. In this peaceful quiet one can really connect the body, mind and spirit. And the neat thing is that anybody can do it.”
–Norma Prevedel

“Lorna’s practical, well-organized approach and spiritual guidance makes it possible to focus on one or two important paths and not be distracted by endless possibilities. Her workshops are rich in knowledge and inspiration.”
–Jana Weber

“I feel confident and excited because I know that I have a very caring and qualified teacher to help and guide me.”
–Anita Bell