Smooth Transitions

Are you sensing the transition between summer and fall, too? It’s not really quite here, but there are hints of it about: teachers going back to work, Halloween displays in stores (yes, really), the occasional cooler day.
I have taken a lot of note of transitions in my life the last couple of years. Even simple things, like the time between my morning yoga practice and when I go to the studio. I used to think of that time as the basic junk I just had to get through to get to the next good part or important part of my day: take a shower, get dressed, pack a lunch. And because I wanted to spend more time in the “good stuff”,  I would short-change the amount of time I gave myself to get ready for work, so it would feel all hectic and annoying.
Not anymore. Now I very consciously schedule a minimum of 45 minutes so I can gracefully and graciously make that transition. It has brought so much more calm and happiness into my life!
If you start looking around at all the “transition times” in your day, your week, your month and year, then you become super-aware of what a huge chunk of our time really is about transition. Driving to work…cooking dinner…waiting in line. Just to name a few.
How are you approaching that never-to-be-seen-again time? Are you cranky, worrying about the future, fuming over the past, tapping your foot with impatience? What if, instead, you cherished that time. Seriously. How would that feel?
Cherishing that “in-between” time might look like scheduling more time so you can avoid the frenetic feeling. Staying in the present moment, enjoying the feel of the shampoo bubbles dripping down your body instead of making a list in your head. Playing music you look forward to hearing in the car. Or smiling at the other people in the waiting room.
Now you think of a few ways to start to turn down the frantic and annoying and turn up the yummy in those oh-so-many transition times of your day. I recommend focusing in on one area that really annoys you right now. Then you can always expand the practice into other areas. 🙂
And if you need some help with this, give me a holler.