Shamanic Juice Fast (Virtual) Event

Do you wish to feel lighter? Brighter? More alive?

Does your lack of energy, focus, and vitality hold you (and your enjoyment of life) back?

I’m excited to share with you a golden opportunity for self-transformation and restoration of your energy flow that I’ll be a part of guiding! It’s the 2nd Annual Shamanic Juice Fast (Virtual) Event¬†taking place on July 24-26, 2015.

A 3-day juice fast is one of the most powerful things you can do to restructure your body and change your biochemistry. Here’s a sampling of what is possible:

  • Release excess weight, gas & toxins so you feel lighter & younger;
  • Dramatically rejuvenate your cells, organs and blood to a cleaner, disease-free state;
  • Alleviate chronic symptoms that plague you;
  • Create more energy by resting your over-tired system;
  • Move emotional stagnation and create shifts in perception, mood & attitude.

I’m super-excited about this opportunity–it’s like a mini-retreat for yourself (and you know I can’t get enough of those) that you can do from home or anywhere!

You’ll receive clear instructions and guidance from detox expert and your host, Hillary Thing, LAC., Certified Herbalist (an AMAZING healer). PLUS daily experiential healing sessions (that’s where I come cialis generique en pharmacie in:)) to fully support the transformation you desire.

You may participate in this VIRTUAL event online from anywhere – details and registration is available HERE.

Here’s to your transformation!

Love and light-
Yoga Transformation Coach

Lorna Lange


P.S.  Early-Bird Pricing ends July 13!