Your Pets Feel Your Stress

Inspired Wellness with Lorna Lange

Have you ever noticed when you are stressed and feeling like you cannot handle one more thing at the moment, that’s exactly when your dog and cat

start acting out or getting sick?

My friend and colleague, Vicki Draper, Healing Your Animal Expert, is dedicated to your animal’s healing and is on a mission to help as many animals be as healthy as possible and as many animal guardians, like you, be as happy as possible. So I asked her to help us understand and deal with this kind cross-species stress. Here’s what she told me…

Your animals are mirrors reflecting back what is going on with you.

When you are stressed, worried and anxious, they are too. They display it by pacing, getting into mischief such as chewing up your favorite rug, peeing or pooping in the house.

When Carson first came to Vicki, her dog, Baxter was stressed out, chewing up the living room rug, going to the bathroom in the house and jumping up on people as they entered the house. Carson was understandably even more stressed with all of this going on.

After working with Vicki, there was a dramatic shift in Baxter. People noticed the changes. And he even looks different now. Baxter is much calmer and happier. It’s like the weight of the world was taken off of his shoulders. He isn’t chewing the rug, going to the bathroom in the house and he isn’t jumping on people anymore.

Vicki has helped cases like Carson and Baxter numerous times in her practice over the years with animals and their guardians.

While Western medicine has its place, it doesn’t cover the emotional/behavioral support for your animal staying healthy while you navigate your life with your worries and concerns.

So after telling me about this fascinating connection between our stress and our animal’s stress, Vicki’s offered this awesome gift. Just click the link below to receive your:

5 Important Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You Gift Recording

Helping your animals and you be healthier and happier during your connection and journey together.

Are you wondering what you can do to support your animal shifting from:

  • chaos to calm,
  • barking to quieter
  • peeing/pooping in the house to going outside or in litter box,
  • not getting along with other animals to getting along

so you and your animals are having more peace with deeper connection and bonding?

The answer’s right here! I invite you to click this link now to receive your:

5 Important Things Your Vet Won’t Tell You Gift Recording

to have more peace, harmony and connection with your animals.

I’m so grateful to Vicki for providing us with this kind of support. I hope you take advantage of her gift!

Love and light-


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