NEW Om Essence!

Are you ready to move to a higher vibration and leave lower energies behind?

 Do you crave a connection to your own inner peace?

Are you ready to embrace the power of ancient wisdom for your own personal transformation?

Then this is for you.

I can hardly contain myself because what I’m about to tell you is HUGE!

I have collaborated with a gifted energy expert to produce a one-of-a-kind, extra-special tool to help you experience more peace, love and bliss in your life on a daily basis. No matter who you are, no matter where you live.

This product is the culmination of several years of personal yoga study and practice and represents the highest possible intention for you and the world. Om Essence


Introducing the Om Exclusive Essence!


This product is exclusively hand-crafted from a combination of crystal, mineral, nature and flower essences by Vicki Draper of Vi Miere Exclusive Essence Collections and carries the energy of infinite, eternal peace, love and bliss.

The ancient sciences of yoga and ayurveda include the use of herbs, gems and minerals to enhance healing and Self-realization. The Om Essence draws on that honored tradition and delivers it to you in a new way. The 2-ounce bottle of unscented mist will last you four weeks, and comes with instructions for a special four week practice that will deepen your experience.


Purchase Om Essence  Available NOW at a special Introductory Rate of just $47

It is taught that Om, while representing the indivisible whole, can be divided into four parts. The Sanskrit symbol of Om, as well as the transliterated spelling AUM (plus the silent space after the M) has four parts which correspond to the waking state, the dreaming state, the deep sleep state, and the transcendent state. Your Om Essence will arrive with special instructions guiding you to your own deepest experience by using this exclusive Om Essence in a four week practice to progressively cultivate the fulfillment of the four states.


Lorna’s Personal Om Story

You have probably already heard the story of how I was initiated into the mantra of Om by the mantra itself. After experiencing the “2 am wake up” for a few weeks, I received the divine inspiration to mentally recite “om” to calm the mind. Since that time, I have gone on personal home retreat to study the Mandukya Upanisad – an ancient text about Om – and immerse myself in practices about Om. More recently, I have developed a retreat for my clients to give them the experience and teachings of Om, and continue to feel immense connection to this powerful, primordial energy. I am compelled to continue to share the meaning and experience of Om with as many people as I can. The Om Exclusive Essence is one very important way to do that.

What will you feel?

Everyone is different, but here are some ideas of how the Om Essence works…

When Vicki and I co-created this essence, each time we connected to develop it, both of us felt an immense, powerful shift of energy. The crown of my head (crown chakra) would literally buzz with energy that lasted for hours afterwards.

I sprayed the Om Essence at the beginning of a class that I taught, and the next day one of my students told me that she instantly felt blissful to the point that she nearly burst out in joyful “no reason” laughter several times during the class.

For my own daily use, I spray Om four times at the beginning of my yoga practice with the conscious intention of connecting to infinite, eternal peace, love and joy. By the end of my meditation, the awareness of my true, Divine consciousness is effortless and certain. When I use the Om Essence mindfully throughout the day, I re-engage in this intentional practice of spraying the mist and experience those effects again.

The brilliance of the practice with this essence four times a day is that my body, mind and spirit are becoming habituated to being in an expanded, connected and balanced state. This is the same state that I want to bring to you through this special Essence!

Yes, I am ready for my own OM essence!