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September 12-14, 2013

in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


Dear fellow yoga and wellness enthusiast,

Do you feel secretly frustrated that even though you intend to live a mindful, healthy lifestyle:

And the truth of the matter is:

Believe me, I get it. And I also know
it can change.

Since the age of 14 I’ve been on a quest for personal growth and transformation. And still, I know what’s it’s like to read the book and wonder why I can’t figure out what color my parachute is, or to look at the front of the latest health magazine and wonder how I can possibly add the 17 must-have foods into my diet. I often felt like — even though other people saw me as disciplined and healthy — I was falling short of my own expectations in many areas of my life.  Like you, I am super-independent and figured I should be able to do this on my own.  I have plenty of education and training; I’m smart. In fact, it never really occurred to me to seek outside support and guidance on a personal level. Until one day I finally broke down and started attending retreats and getting personal mentoring from my yoga teachers, because I felt like I had no direction and could spend a lifetime trying one kind of practice after another without knowing what would really make a difference for me.

retreat-1So you see, Majestic Stillness: Sourcing Your Natural Abundance was inspired by my burning desire to share with you the key mindsets and practices that I’ve found help me now live a happier, more peaceful life, where I accept myself and celebrate the present moment, my body, and my mind in all their delectable perfections and imperfections. And to also embrace together with you your desire to continue on a journey of personal transformation, to become more of who you are really meant to be in a way that’s joyful, abundant and self-accepting.

I have facilitated 8 retreats in the last 18 months, and I now know, in no uncertain terms (as a result of tapping into my own stillness and energy) that part of reaching my full potential means bringing these accelerated experiences of inspiration to people like you. And while my past retreats always included an element of appreciation for nature, this time I am stepping fully into sharing my absolute adoration of the natural world with you in guided meditative walks and simple outdoor practices.

So you can get a feel for how others are benefitting from what they’ve learned working with me, I’d love to share some of their comments with you.

“I have observed Lorna assisting seekers from all walks of life.  Thirsty for more, students always come back to Lorna for her knowledge as she radiates a very passionate and calm effect.  Her techniques naturally re-balance the body mind and spirit. Students leave their session feeling well, satisfied and balanced, eager for their next experience. Lorna Lange is truly an inspiration for me.  I am blessed!!!” ~ Karen Bonomo


“Lorna is incredibly knowledgeable and lives what she teaches. Good example for me.”~Pati Smith


The Majestic Stillness: Sourcing Your Natural Abundance Retreat reaches you on multiple levels. You will:

Sanctuary for the Spirit

The Majestic Stillness: Sourcing Your Natural Abundance Retreat creates a synergy that cannot be found anywhere else with this alchemical combination:


I so want to share all this with you!

Whether you currently do yoga or not, you already know that it is beneficial for the body, for relieving stress and relaxing and for generally improving feelings of well-being. My teaching style makes it down-to-earth and accessible for anyone who’s interested. I’m certified as a Viniyoga Teacher and am a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level. As well, I have a Master’s Degree in exercise science with a concentration in health and wellness. I incorporate over a decade as a professional in the field — and a lifetime of personal application — to help you hone your relationship with your body so that it serves as a source of delight and opens a portal to the mind and spirit.

“Lorna’s practical, well-organized approach and spiritual guidance makes it possible to focus on one or two important paths and not be distracted by endless possibilities. Her workshops are rich in knowledge and inspiration. Each retreat is unique. I come away from these experiences with a faith that I am evolving into a better being.” ~ Jana Weber


“The Personal Peace Retreat was very settling and enlightening. I took in a lot of things and I would like to learn more. Lorna has been instrumental in helping me search for a balance that I haven’t considered looking for before.” ~ Amanda Fuqua



I invite you to join me for this magnificent, yoga-inspired wellness retreat on September 12-14 in the stunning scenery of Grand Teton National Park. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be or anyone else I’d rather share it with!


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Girlfriends Forever

Enjoy the Retreat with a Friend or Two and Save Even More!

This kind of experience is even more luscious when you savor it with a friend or two. And after the retreat you can continue to support each other to continue the practices and maintain the mindset shifts you created. You can split the cost savings on this special offer among yourselves, however you want! 🙂

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Bonuses, Yay!

Bonus #1: All registrants will receive a very special gift of a specially-recorded meditation to start practicing with prior to the retreat. This audio recording is infused with the energy of stillness and abundance and is only available to retreat participants.

Bonus #2: All registrants will receive access to an 8-week, intimate, interactive online forum with weekly suggestions for using the meditation and other mindful practices in preparation for the retreat.



This retreat is right for you if you are ready for:

Location, LOCATION!

Our retreat location in Grand Teton National Park has all the indoor and outdoor perks you could ask for:


This is your chance to leave physical and mental fatigue behind, to breathe in the dramatic mountain scenery (and maybe even a little adventure!), and to take care of yourself for just a little while, so you can be your best self when you return to your everyday life.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

1 Payment of $795

1 Payment - Buy Now!

2 Payments of $400

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Enjoy the Retreat with a Friend or Two and Save Even More!

(Sign yourself up first, then we’ll contact you with instructions for registering a friend)

*Due to the incredible value of the Bring a Friend pricing offers and the special nature of the agreement securing this highly sought-after retreat venue, this offer is non-refundable.

I guarantee to you that I will bring 110% of my passion and experience and will be fully present during our very special 3 days together.

Can’t wait to see you at this retreat. I’m so excited to share it with you!

Much love and light –




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1 Payment of $795

1 Payment - Buy Now!

2 Payments of $400

2 Payments - Buy Now!