Can’t Sleep, Try Meditation

Well, I got out of bed at 2 a.m. this morning to go meditate. 

This only happens to me a few times a year–getting out of bed in the middle of the night to meditate. I usually just stay in bed, waiting for eventual sleep to come; maybe doing some relaxation techniques. But early-early this morning, I was wide awake–hadn’t been able to sleep at all–and full of energy and thought.

So I sat down on my meditation cushion precios de viagra en farmacias in the dark, did a little pranayama to relax the logical, left side of my brain that was on overdrive. Then I spent some time connecting to each of my chakras and their unique divine human potentials. Nice. My whole system was a lot stiller.

Then I organically moved into a meditation on “contentment“. An important concept in the Yoga Sutras. I just taught a session on it yesterday morning to my Antaranga Sangha group, so it’s not surprising that my heart-mind wanted to go there in meditation.

And as I sat there and contemplated what is contentment, I felt it. I merged with it. Very profoundly. Acceptance of my current reality as satisfying and a part of a universal plan! A sense that nothing is lacking! Delight in myself! Inner love!

There was no room for anxiety, resentment or sadness.

I liked it.

And I vowed that someday soon, this will be my perpetual experience, on and off the mat. Even now as I type this, I can tap back in to those feelings, those knowings. I am going to do that more!

So I will continue my training on the mat, with enthusiasm and renewed trust, delight and love. And I will continue my practice off the mat, with heightened awareness and choosing more and more often the expansion, peace and freedom from suffering that I aspire to. And I will continue teaching those who I meant to serve, because this the gift I am meant to bring to the world and part of the way that my own practice deepens.

Thank you, thank you — to my teachers, to the teachings, and to fellow-seekers. Let’s keep going, together. And yet each in our own beautiful way.


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