Let’s be honest together … are you fed up with that inner voice that won’t be quiet no matter what you do?

You know, the constant inner self-criticism that you would be horrified about if anyone else knew you were talking to yourself this way?


Does how you handled the latest situation–argument with the ex, stress at work, blowing your diet yet again–have you so convinced your destined for a lifetime of constant worry and the incessant thought that nothing will ever come together in the way you want it to?

And the truth of the matter is:


Believe me, I get it. And I also know…it can change.

Introducing the 

Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program

A 4 Month Virtual Yoga Journey

with Lorna Lange, Yoga Transformation Coach


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Girlfriends ForeverSince the age of 14 I’ve been on a quest for personal growth and transformation. And still, I know what’s it’s like to read the book and wonder why I can’t figure out what color my parachute is. Or to look at the front of the latest health magazine and wonder how I can possibly add the 17 must-have foods into my diet. I often felt like — even though other people saw me as disciplined and healthy — I was falling short of my own expectations in many areas of my life.

Like you, I am super-independent and figured I should be able to do this on my own.  I have plenty of education and training; I’m smart. In fact, it never really occurred to me to seek outside support and guidance on a personal level. Until one day I finally broke down and started attending retreats and getting personal mentoring from my yoga teachers, because I felt like I had no direction and could spend a lifetime trying one kind of practice after another without knowing what would really make a difference for me.

So you see, the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program was inspired by my burning desire to share with you the key mindsets and practices that I’ve found help me now live a happier, more peaceful life, where I accept myself and celebrate the present moment, my body, and my mind in all their delectable perfections and imperfections. And to also embrace together with YOU, your desire to continue on a journey of personal transformation, to become more of who you are really meant to be in a way that’s joyful, abundant and self-accepting.

“Lorna has a beautiful way of drawing you in and allowing you the freedom to experience her work on your own terms. Her grounded energy, insightful comments, and inner yoga exercises were a perfect combination to open up possibilities and create a calm awareness of events that might otherwise be viewed with trepidation and anxiety. She’s providing a powerful experience for those looking for more ease and flow in their lives.”

—  Stephanie Bonte-Lebair


“The inside of me, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, where I really live was a mess. Everything looked okay to the outsider, but I knew better. I needed help. The Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program has been exactly what I needed. The calmer, more peaceful, more enjoyable (and possibly saner) inner life I once dreamed about, I am now experiencing. I can’t recommend the program and Lorna as the guide highly enough.”

— Nancy Bowers


The Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program focuses on 7 Key Teachings from ancient yoga wisdom that help you immediately access the power of inner yoga so you can shift from feeling anxious, angry or sad to feeling calmer, kinder and happier in any circumstance. Each teaching is accompanied by one or more guided practices to help you embody this ancient wisdom from the inside out.

1. Constantly choose peace of mind. Here’s where you’ll strategically learn to become very conscious of all the choices you are making every day and how they impact you. With that level of awareness, you have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings, instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of the world around you.

2. Learn to let go. Letting go of the need to be perfect…letting go of things and thoughts that don’t serve you…letting go of having to control your external circumstances. This is about taking the concept of nonattachment and surrender from the practice mat out into all aspects of your life.

3. Regularly remember your determination. Do you ever have difficulty staying motivated? Here’s where you’ll learn a beautiful and simple way to stay the course in your inner yoga journey. You’ll also learn a powerful meditation to build your “determination muscles.”

4. Reframe afflicted thinking. This teaching and practice helps you deal with those troublesome thoughts that can plague you day and night. Whether they stem from long ago experiences or more recent ones, you can shift your relationship to negative thoughts and feelings so that they no longer disturb you. This is not about repressing or suppressing, or even about positive affirmation, but rather a deeper transformative process.

5. Train your mental focus. This is what the magic of meditation is all about! When your focus gets strong, you can start finally moving past all the reactions and distractions that keep pulling you off track and keep creating inner chaos and self-criticism. You learn how to spot those distractions and deal with them at the source.

6. Witness everything with compassionate curiosity. Here’s where you learn to accept your humanness–your imperfections–and begin to see how to really accept everything as a gift for you to grow from.

7. Make ever subtler distinctions. As you clear away layers of yourself that have held you down, you open to deeper layers that were inaccessible before. With the skills and practice you’ve gained leading up to this point, you can now continue your inner journey and experience accelerated personal evolution and transformation.


“Lorna’s practical, well-organized approach and spiritual guidance makes it possible to focus on one or two important paths and not be distracted by endless possibilities.  I come away from these experiences with a faith that I am evolving into a better being.

— Jana Weber


“I have observed Lorna assisting seekers from all walks of life.  Thirsty for more, students always come back to Lorna for her knowledge as she radiates a very passionate and calm effect.  Her techniques naturally re-balance the body, mind and spirit.”

— Karen Bonomo


attractive young healthy caucasian woman

Whether you already practice yoga or not, this is like nothing you’ve ever done before and it is life changing.This is not only going to make a massive difference for your well-being on all levels, it’s going to positively impact your loved ones and everyone you come in contact with in the world. As you start living a happier, peaceful, more fulfilled life, the way you interact with others also transforms and relationships become less confrontational and more enjoyable.

These inner yoga teachings and techniques are the “open secret” of yoga that has been practiced and refined for thousands of years. Yoga is no longer just 1 hour on-the-mat, but a complete mindset and lifestyle–24 hours a day! And from my experience and that of my clients I can say with conviction: Inner yoga works for everything.

Here’s what you’ll receive in the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program:

• Luxurious exploration of foundational concepts and teachings from ancient yoga wisdom.

• (8) Bi-Weekly 50-minute group teaching and guided practice calls.

• (4) 50-minute live Sangha (group question and answer) calls. These calls are once a month on Thursdays at 5:30 pm Mountain. Do what you can to attend these support calls live! But if you can’t, no worries. They are recorded and I provide you a way to stay involved.

• (3) 25-minute private Optimization Calls directly with Lorna to make sure you are getting the most from the program (We’ll contact you to set these up once your enrollment is received.)

• Recordings of the teaching and group Q&A calls

• Weekly transformation assignments to help you stay consistent, connected and committed.

• Exclusive list of recommended resources to deepen your exploration.

• Call prep exercises.

• PLUS audio clips of 8 guided practices.


Does it feel like you’ve never done enough?

That deep down you’re never good enough? 

That you constantly disappoint yourself and others? 

Now is the time to learn the powerful secrets of yoga that set you free from inner pain and suffering.


Register for Inner Yoga Classes

4 pay of $250





So what’s living a life like this worth to you? I don’t know about you, but for me having harmony with my husband and feeling happy most of the time, even if there’s room to grow – that’s priceless. I can’t even begin to put a dollar amount on it. So $1000 for a program like this isn’t even a drop in the bucket in the larger scheme of things. I wish I’d had the chance to do something like this when I first got interested in personal and spiritual growth!


I can’t wait for us to get started! I guarantee to you that I will bring 110% of my passion and experience and will fully support your learning and personal growth during our 4 months together.

Much love and light –





P.S. Interested, but you have a few questions?   Here’s what to do: Simply register for the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program to lock in your spot and rate, then schedule a free call with me to tie up the loose ends. Just email me directly at lorna@synergyfitnessandwellness.com as soon as you register and we’ll set up a convenient time to quickly get all your questions answered.  If we determine on the call that this isn’t the right program for you, I will cheerfully refund your payment in full. A conversation must take place before a refund can be issued.