Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program

When it comes to measuring up to your own high standards, are you your own worst critic?

Does how you handled the latest situation–argument with the ex, stress at work, blowing your diet yet again–make you doubt you’ll ever get it right?

Do you read about “bliss” and “enlightenment”, but as much as you long for them, you just don’t feel like it’s something you can totally understand, let alone actually attain?

The Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program  takes key teachings from ancient yoga and helps you to practically implement them on a day-to-day basis so that you can:

The Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program helps you accept yourself and become who are really meant to be.

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I also wanted to be sure you know that there is a very special tuition savings of 30% on the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program that is only available until this Friday, July 31, at midnight Mountain Time.  After that the tuition increases. The program starts September 1, so register now and save!

Inner Yoga applies to everything-from dealing with troublesome people, to sharing more happiness and love with your family, to skillfully handling stressful situations at work-and more! Believe me, I know. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had ample opportunity to benefit from this novel approach (and by extension, so has my husband-I’m not sure where my marriage would be without it.)

Ready to find out how the inner practices of yoga can help you live with more energy, ease and enthusiasm so you can reach your highest potential?

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Love and light-


P.S. Remember, the  very special tuition savings of 30% on the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program is only available until this Friday, July 31.  Join us now!