Here’s why my special

EnJOY! Wellness Process

works so well for you!

Step 1: Identify your primary targeted area of change

Together we get clear about what your main wellness goal is and why it is important to you (Intention). We identify your primary motivation and how you want to feel as you undertake your Wellness Journey (Inspiration). Then we set achievable and inspiring short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that create results for your body and enhance your mental state (Body-Mind Goals).  With this information we start crafting a compelling Personal Wellness Vision.

Step 2: Assess your current most vital needs and establish a starting point

We carefully review your health history and any current chronic or acute conditions you have to create an intelligent 6-month plan that keeps you moving toward your goals. We gather any necessary releases and recommendations from your health care team. We also choose and conduct relevant in-house assessments of movement, health, fitness, and metabolism so that a clear baseline is established.  From here we design your initial program that includes addressing imbalances and issues that could otherwise create problems down the road (Body-Mind’s Vital Needs).

Step 3: Learn basic techniques and exercises personalized for your goals, abilities and needs

We begin by exploring important basic exercises with a high level of mindfulness. This increases body awareness, and improves coordination as well as posture. I watch your positioning and alignment and help you make adjustments and modifications that optimize safety and effectiveness. These exercises are chosen based on any special needs you have, especially to start correcting muscle imbalances and also include exercises that are great for general foundational fitness. Here is where you prevent or start to heal from injury and pain and also build confidence in your abilities.

Step 4: Improve foundational conditioning and overall health

We evolve your workouts and keep changing them to build more strength, flexibility and endurance. We focus on the core and balance as well as various forms of resistance training. We draw from yoga as well as traditional fitness exercises. Here we focus on relieving tension and relaxing as well as building overall energy and stamina.

Step 5: Celebrate! your accomplishments and accelerate your progression toward your wellness goals

We review your accomplishments and overall mindset at this point. We revise or renew your goals and then take advantage of your strong foundation to really dive into more advanced, intricate, challenging or intense training that moves you more quickly toward your goals. You’ll receive customized programs to implement on your own as well as continued progressions of workouts in the studio.

Step 6: Maintain your momentum and explore other areas of wellness

We maintain your momentum by strategically cycling workout phases, progressions, recovery periods. We explore and implement complementary practices to enhance your journey directly toward your wellness goals as well as new areas of interest and need. We focus on whole life integration and the understanding that what we do in one part of our life impacts all the other parts.

Step 7: Celebrate! your accomplishments and re-assess your goals and intentions

We review your accomplishments and overall mindset. We re-visit your Wellness Vision and Map and expand it in new directions. We let your curiosity roam to new possibilities. We revise, renew, and develop goals for the next 6 months. We establish concrete plans to maintain or improve your fitness and wellness levels.

Step 8: Create expanded lifelong change

We harvest the fruits of your commitment to wellness and re-infuse them with energy. We refine our approach to wellness based on your highly developed self-awareness. We focus on whole life energy management to reduce overwhelm and create more energy, ease and joy in how you live your daily life. We explore more esoteric yogic practices that assist in understanding life purpose and personal transformation. You consider how you can be of service to others starting their Wellness Journey.

So now it’s time — it’s your time to get started. I’m ready and honored to support and guide you. Namaste!