got peace?

tai chiTake a few deep, centering breaths and then ask yourself:

How many hours of the day do I feel peaceful? What would shift in my life if I were at peace most of the time?

Now take a moment and jot down your answers. Consider your personal relationships, work, health, happiness, finances and any other area of your life that comes to mind.

What would operating in your life from an ever-present stable platform of peacefulness look and feel like? Even when there’s an emergency…even when you’re having loads of fun…even when you’re grieving…

In the Yoga Sutras–the classic ancient text on yoga–Sutra 1.13 talks about what abhyasa, or practice, really means. It talks about making the effort to do the things that will lead to a constant, stable state of tranquility. That elusive peace of mind that so many

of us long for.

Of course, on the one hand the sutra is talking about making the effort to have a regular meditation practice–on-the-mat-yoga, so to speak. But we can also understand the teaching of this sutra to mean how we go about acting, speaking and thinking throughout the whole day. We can be in constant practice that leads us toward peace in every moment of every day.


Simply pause to frequently ask yourself: “Will this action bring me greater peace of mind?” Not just in this moment, but also for the long-term. “If I say these words will it bring me greater peace of mind? Do these thoughts bring me greater peace of mind?

If the answer is yes…awesome! Carry on with gladness! If the answer is no, then choose a better alternative. You do have a choice, and the more you work with this process, the easier it gets. (Key words: choice, work. Santa Claus won’t simply come down the chimney with peace to drop it in your lap while you keep doing the same things that are creating the opposite of peace. Participation is required!)

But it’s not all that complicated. That’s it! That is the every day, every minute practice that leads toward greater peace in your life.

Let me know what you experience as you put it into play, k?

Much love and light,


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