For you: New Options for Summer!

I’ve want you to know I’ve listened to what so many of you have been saying…it’s hard to commit to a fitness routine or yoga practice in the summer because your schedule changes, you want to take advantage of the weather and share quality time with your friends and family. Plus, most of us think we’ll be more active in the summer so we don’t need to worry about regular workouts or yoga practices.
But, yikes! What I as a wellness coach actually see happen over the summer is usually one of these:
  1. You’re more active with things like walking, but you lose beneficial muscle gradually and then gain weight more easily when the walking outdoors season ends
  2. You “weekend warrior” it, overloading the body with activity for a few days at a time but not maintaining it on a consistent basis, leading to injury, fatigue and/ordecreased performance in those very activities you love
  3. You focus on cramming in as much fun as possible and end up at the end of the summer worn out and stressed, unhappy with your overall health and fitness, and out of touch with your inner spirit
So like I said I’ve listened and I’ve observed. And now I’ve come up with some special solutions for you. Yay!

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