Flour Power

Last week I recommended you cut out any kind of food or drink sweetener, at least for a time. If you did that with
awareness, love and interest, then you are now in a position to decide if you want to bring back some sweeteners into your life in a  

moderate way that serves your happiness and well-being at all levels. Be selective and continue to


stay mindful. From my training and personal experience,


white sugar and artificial sweeteners are best avoided at all times.
This week we continue our stroll down food awareness lane with an experiment with flour.
Ready? Here’s the experiment:
Avoid eating anything made with flour.
This means things like bread, tortillas, pasta, crackers, many snack foods and desserts. Check the ingredients label or recipe to be sure.
I highly recommend you do this for at least 3 cycles in a row of 3 days (aka 9 days–but I’m subtly reminding you of the importance of the number 3 when it comes to changing habits.) You can definitely go for 66 days. Or a lifetime. But choose one time period for now and commit to it.
And don’t even bother to do this if you’re not going to do it with enthusiasm, happiness and humbleness. (If you’re wondering how in the world that will happen, maybe just ease your way into it for a 3 day commitment.) Attitude is everything.
By definition, flour is processed and it can act more like sugar in your system than the whole grain/whole food version of the same food. Many people get cravings for more food when they eat things made with flour, and are surprised at how easy it is to feel satisfied and lose weight when joyfully they cut out flour from their diet.
Benefits beyond the obvious:
  • you may discover that flour and/or the glutens in certain flours are not right for your particular system and that you digest better without them
  • you may experience fewer cravings
  • you may lose weight
  • you’ll train your ability to focus and commit
  • your positive emotions around it will actually contribute to more physical benefits (and you’ll be nicer to have around)

Aren’t these experiments fun!


Let me know how it goes…