Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Here’s a long-term solution to stop daily fatigue in its tracks and build and maintain a good level of energy, rather than experiencing a roller-coaster of highs and low.

1. Begin to track your patterns. Notice especially what time of the day seems to bring the crash. Keep notes on a calendar or in a journal.

2. Establish an energy-renewing practice that you know works for you. Deep breathing? Taking a walk? Writing in your journal? There are many options–pay attention to what works well for you.

3. While applying your energy-renewing practice at the time you feel fatigued is a great antidote, often when we are already fatigued there is no desire to do what we know will help. So use your tracking and be pre-emptive: about 1-2 hours before you usually feel fatigued, do your practice.

4. Be compassionate, be curious, forgive yourself for feeling fatigued. This goes a long way in breaking the pattern.

5. An advanced practice, once you have mastered the above. Welcome the sensation of fatigue–the feelings and thoughts that accompany it– as a teacher/messenger for further personal growth and transformation. Find the gift in it.

6. Long-term inner yoga practices like pratipaksha bhavana, reflective meditation, or bhuta suddhi get to the heart of energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons for fatigue. This is part of my regular yoga practice, for sure.

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