Do You Feel Like Giving Up?

Are you feeling like giving up? Like everything you’ve been working on is falling apart?

That’s a predominant energy right now*, and I see it showing up all over the place. I’ve had more conversations than I can count about it with clients and friends these last couple weeks.

See, we all get into these phases, from time to time, where it seems like everything we’re trying to change and improve is just plain futile. We get down on ourselves and see our relationships around us deteriorating. If we’re not careful, it can take us out.

But there is a gift in this place, actually, if we are willing to take a closer look. We can slow down and discover what is bothering us. That gives us the power to use our frustration, disappointment, anger or sadness as fuel for transformation. To truly get to the bottom of it and shift something forever, instead of just chucking our aspirations out the window. Then in a few days wondering what was wrong with us–why we gave up so easily, yet again.

So hang in there, know that this phase of lower energy will pass. And that while it’s with us, it can actually accelerate your personal evolution, if you want it to.

Sometimes we just need someone else’s eyes to help us see the value in what seems like misery and how to move through it. If you are ready to launch from personal disappointment and start living a more inspired life, I invite you to join the next Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program. Each of the 7 Key Inner Yoga Teachings in the program address exactly what I wrote about here, and you’ll also get direct help from me in your transformation journey. It’s not just a class, it’s a coaching program. The program is now available at it’s Super Earlybird rate, as savings of more than 50%. Click here to find out more

Love and light-


Lorna Lange, M.S., RYT-500, CPT
Yoga Transformation Coach
Synergy Fitness & Wellness
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*Those in the astrological-know tell me Mercury’s in retrograde and it can be a time for things to fall buying levitra in canada apart or, conversely, a time to really tune in to those same things–our divine dissatisfaction I like to say–and make deep lasting personal change. This Mercury retrograde ends on October 9th. Are you making the most of it? Or wallowing in misery?