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Learn How to Stop Creating Inner Chaos and Choose Peace Instead: An Inner Yoga Self-Study Package

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Here's What You Will Receive:

An in-depth audio class on Choosing Peace 

Designed for individuals who are ready to take personal responsibility for their peace of mind through how they choose to respond to external circumstances at the level of their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

A guided meditation practice 

To support you in shifting your energy and your nervous system from feeling worried or upset to feeling relaxed and calm in less than 10 minutes. 

Two thought-provoking, awareness-enhancing charting exercises 

To gain insight about where you are letting peace lose-out to chaos, so you can re-focus on the inner peace you want to experience, instead. 

A Transformation Assignment 

Three key actions to help you stay consistently connected to inner peace in all areas of your life. 

I’ve created this Inner Yoga Coaching Class so that you can:

Stop feeling at the mercy of outside circumstances for your peace of mind (the most important question to ask yourself that puts you in control every time) 

Shift your nervous system from worry and upset into a clear feeling of calm (with a short but powerful meditation) 

Have recurring access to peace as a more normal part of your life, even when you aren't meditating (your Transformation Assignment has 3 action items that cover both your spiritual practice and your everyday life experience) 

This self-study package delivers the ancient wisdom of yoga in an insightful and engaging way that makes it immediately accessible and effective for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. 

A comprehensive teaching and practice for inner peace on its own, it is also a first step to the highly acclaimed Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program, for those seeking a user-friendly approach to reaching your highest potential. 

See you in the Inner Yoga Class! 

Love and light- 


Get the Class now for $46.00