Chakra Exploration Retreat: A Spring Clean for the Body-Heart-Mind

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An Overnight Retreat

Friday, March 16 – Saturday, March 17

 Ready to re-energize and renew?

Welcome the refreshing energy of Spring into your life with this special overnight retreat at the beautiful Red Canyon Lodge on the Flaming Gorge. Aaaaahhhh. Learn about the ancient chakra system for transforming the whole human being: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Shake off the winter doldrums as we practice yoga movement, breathing, and meditation designed to consciously awaken and balance these major energy centers called the chakras. Take time for a walk on the canyon rim or just relax away from your everyday responsibilities. I have secured awesome rates for your cabin lodging (details for reserving lodging below).

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Early Bird Savings of $150

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Appropriate for all levels of experience and ability — I will provide you with variations to make your physical practice more or less intense, as appropriate.

Wondering what “chakras” really are?

Tired of winter and ready for more energy and light?

Ready to harness the power of your own body, mind and spirit?

The ancient chakra system is a way to look at the well-being of the whole human being. Each chakra correpsonds to certain physical, emotional, and mental attributes. When the chakras are awake and balanced, you improve not only your health and wellness, but also your ability to grow and transform on a personal and spiritual level. When your one or more of your chakras are out of balance, lower energy and negative conditions — on many different levels — and attitudes are apparent.

We will take a lighthearted approach to examining and observing each chakra within ourselves. Then we will experience various practices that responsibly awaken the chakras and lead us to better balance between all of the energy centers of the body.   Whether you “believe” in chakras or not, you will benefit by creating more clarity about what is most important for you to focus your awareness and energy on and learning techniques to create more balance. Be prepared to use your body, breath, and mind to really tap into the core of your being. 

Reserve your spot now–space is limited and the

Early Bird Discount with $150 Savings

Ends March 1!

Retreat starts Friday at 4:00 pm and end Saturday at 6:30 pm. Includes 3 meals. Lodging is separate–please contact the Red Canyon Lodge at (435) 889-3759 to book your cabin on-site and tell them you are with the retreat group. This is going to be so cool! We are getting the awesome off-season ratefor the Ponderosa cabins. Yay! The cabins have 2 queen beds in one bedroom and a pull out couch in the living room.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A CABIN please send me an email and say you would like to share. Include your name, email address and phone number that I can give to others who would like to share. You can work out the details with each other. 🙂 My email is Use it to ask any other questions you have, too!


“Lorna’s practical, well-organized approach and spiritual guidance makes it possible to focus on one or two important paths and not be distracted by endless possibilities. Her workshops are rich in knowledge and inspiration.”    

–Jana Weber

“I feel confident and excited because I know that I have a very caring and qualified teacher to help and guide me.”

–Anita Bell