Please forgive

Some of the deepest inner work we can do is around forgiveness.

So I’d like you take a moment and write down the definition of forgiveness. Just go with whatever comes up for you without looking it up or trying to remember what your Sunday school teacher said.

Done? Okay, then you can read on…

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Do You Feel Like Giving Up?

Are you feeling like giving up? Like everything you’ve been working on is falling apart?

That’s a predominant energy right now*, and I see it showing up all over the place. I’ve had more conversations than I can count about it with clients and friends these last couple weeks.

See, we all get into these phases, from time to time, where it seems like everything we’re trying to change and improve is just plain futile. We get down on ourselves and see our relationships around us deteriorating. If we’re not careful, it can take us out. Read more…

Learn More About The Secret Power of Inner Yoga

Are you ready to let go of the ever constant treadmill of never having done enough?

…you know, like you’re haunted by your never-ending to-do list and the never-ending ways you need to improve yourself?


Then I invite you to join me for a very important FREE teleclass.

There is more to yoga than a few downward dogs. There is a way that yoga–off the mat–can help you create a life of more constant inner peace and joy. It is your way off the ever-constant treadmill of believing that you never have done enough.

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Are You Disappointed in Yourself?

I have to admit, there are times when I feel so disappointed in myself. And I hear the same from friends and clients all the time.

“I’m so embarrassed. I should be able to…” …stick to my meditation practice on my own…exercise regularly on my own…figure out my priorities and stay committed to them on my own.

I totally get it. I feel that way often.

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Go From Self-Criticism To Self-Acceptance

All the back-to-school flurry got me thinking about all the things they don’t

actually teach you in school. Like seeing where your self-criticism is holding you back and how to shift it into self-acceptance, so you have the energy and personal power to achieve your goals.

Or learning how to handle stressful situations –like an argument with the ex, pressure at work, or blowing your diet yet again–with confidence, insight and presence of mind.

And why “bliss” and “enlightenment” are not only already part of your true nature, but how to access that part of yourself, even when you’re not meditating.

But guess what? It’s not too late! You can learn all this and more learn: Read more…

Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program

When it comes to measuring up to your own high standards, are you your own worst critic?

Does how you handled the latest situation–argument with the ex, stress at work, blowing your diet yet again–make you doubt you’ll ever get it right?

Do you read about “bliss” and “enlightenment”, but as much as you long for them, you just don’t feel like it’s something you can totally understand, let alone actually attain?

The Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program  takes key teachings from ancient yoga and helps you to practically implement them on a day-to-day basis so that you can:

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Free Teleclass – The Secret Power of Inner Yoga

If you’re ready to stop feeling stressed and fatigued and finally take control

of feeling peaceful and vital into your own hands then I invite you to join me for a FREE Preview Call that reveals the Secret Power of Inner Yoga.

Do you sense that there is more to yoga than a few downward dogs but you don’t know the secret power of yoga that helps you create a life of more inner peace and joy?

Are you ready for less discord and more harmony in your relationships with loved ones, colleagues and even the grocery checker?

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A Rumi Poem: The Guest House

Peace and Joy to you!

I share with you today a beautiful poem that reminds me so much of what the inner practices of yoga are all about.

While the goal of enlightenment or unending peace may seem out of reach, the journey along the way teaches us how to embrace all of our experiences as teachers. So we can learn and grow from every situation–even the “crowd of sorrows.”

And it’s this awareness and welcoming of all that life is, that creates more inner peace, joy and love in our day to day living. So we aren’t dependent on things having to go our way to be enthusiastic about life, and we aren’t crushed, embarassed or ashamed when something sad or hurtful happens.

Hmmm….could that be enlightenment?


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How do you practice pratayahara?

What are you doing everyday this week to 1) purify and strengthen the body, 2) purify and strengthen the mind, and 3) break a non-productive habit pattern? The wise teachings of yoga remind us these are all necessary to suffer less and reach our full potential.

Your Heart Always Knows — But You Have to Be Quiet to Hear It

Listen to Your Heart

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, where a lot of us focus on our sweetheart.

But I’m suggesting you (also) focus on your sweet heart. Here’s one way to do that:


Sweet Heart Practice

  1. Stand tall, close your eyes and bring a sense of inner smile to your mouth and eyes. Enjoy for 30 seconds or more.
  2. Now feel that inner smile–that sense of soft delight–deep into your brain. Enjoy for 30 seconds or more.
  3. Open your arms out wide with palms up, slightly lift your chin and feel inner smile at the heart. Enjoy for 30 seconds or more.
  4. Cross your arms over your heart, drop your chin like you are gazing into your heart (eyes still closed) and mentally ask your heart what it wants to tell you today. Listen without judgment or comment–with a sense of tenderness.
  5. Thank your sweet heart. Then repeat the asking, listening and thanking 2 more times.


Your heart always knows. But you have to be quiet to hear it.

Thank you, sweet heart!