Spring Retreat — 1 spot left!

Are you disconnected from the activities and relationships that used to bring you joy?

I’m hosting an intimate, 6-person viagra prix maroc generique belgique only Yoga Transformation Retreat in May, where we will take a weekend together to step back from the outer pressures of life to slow down and go deeply inward. It’s time for you to experience how the ancient practices and teachings of yoga

can support your inner transformation and re-integration of Self!

At this very special, intimate retreat you will: 

  • Be guided to compassionately examine your current

    condition at five layers —the physical layer, the energy layer, the mental layer, the personality layer, and the bliss layer.

  • Gain insight about your deepest values, priorities and needs through carefully crafted yoga and meditation practices, teachings from the wisdom of yoga, and personal coaching.
  • Receive personalized strategies to keep growing and transform your life after the retreat.

This is a very small group retreat (6 maximum) so that there is plenty of time for personal attention and for you to get the support you need with the practices, teachings, and very importantly, how it can be applied to your whole life when the retreat is over.

To find out more: Email me at lorna@synergyfitnessandwellness.com toschedule a complimentary, no obligation Retreat Discovery Call. Simply include your name and phone number and put “Ready to retreat!” in the subject line.

IMPORTANT: there are is only 1 spot left in this intimate retreat.  So if this resonates for you in any way, please respond to schedule your call right away. Together we will discover whether this is a match.Calls https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-online/ will be scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.

The May Yoga Transformation Retreat is from the evening of May 13May 15 in beautiful Park City, Utah (super-easy access from the Salt Lake City airport.)

Just a buy levitra europe you note: This is not about how flexible your body is or how much yoga you’ve done. This is much deeper. I regularly work with folks with physical and other health issues to make sure everyone can receive the benefits of yoga at all five levels. All you need is a willingness to grow personally.

Talk to you soon!

Love and light,




Forget Resolutions, Do This Instead

I hope you’ve had a great beginning to 2016!

Hey, I was thinking about a conversation I had with a client the other day and wanted to share it with you. This client was telling me how she has been taking the breathwork and meditations we do in our phone sessions together into the rest of her day.

Not so much re-doing the practices while she’s walking around taking care of her everyday stuff, but tapping into the deep feeling of peace it creates in her. She said she hoped that by reconnecting to that peace, it would positively affect not only her but her family and others around her. And she asked me what I thought about that.

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Can’t Sleep, Try Meditation

Well, I got out of bed at 2 a.m. this morning to go meditate. 

This only happens to me a few times a year–getting out of bed in the middle of the night to meditate. I usually just stay in bed, waiting for eventual sleep to come; maybe doing some relaxation techniques. But early-early this morning, I was wide awake–hadn’t been able to sleep at all–and full of energy and thought.

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