Breathwork Benefits

Breathing is one way to define life.  From the moment you’re born until you die you are breathing. Luckily it’s automatic, so we don’t have to remind ourselves to do it. Yay! But if you do take the time to learn how to consciously control the breath, you can gain great benefits for your health and well-being.
Ancient yogis figured this out and developed a way to transform the body and mind on a physiological level, by using breathwork (pranayama). This physiological transformation can be used for reducing stress or improving energy levels –your vitality, energy, and joy. Breathwork is less known and used than physical yoga poses (asana), but only 5 minutes a day can make astounding differences in your life.

I remember an experience I had when I was taking an Anatomy & Physiology class several years ago. We were studying respiration, breath capacity, etc.,  and I mentioned to the professor that I had a whole CD on breathing. (It was by Andrew Weil, one of the leading lights in Integrative Medicine.)

 And he said, “That must be the most boring CD in the world!”

 But you know, it wasn’t to me. It was fascinating to bring awareness to the breath and begin to consciously control it in different ways. And then noticing how I felt. Ever since, I’ve been enthralled with how the breath affects us.

 When I went to yoga teacher training and learned a lot more about the art and science of breath mastery. Since then I’ve been practicing it daily — sometimes for just 12 breaths, sometimes for 20 minutes of focused practice. I journaled about the effects it had on me immediately after the practice (mostly very alert but peaceful)… then noticed the effects lasting throughout the day… then noticed what happened when I missed a few days. (Yow!)

I’m here to attest that it is a terrifically powerful tool that can literally change your life. The breath is a gift that we all have by virtue of being a live human being. All it takes is a little bit of guidance to understand how to begin to use it to address your particular needs so that you gain the greatest benefit with the least risk.

I’d love to guide you on an exploration of breathwork, when you are ready to make your own corner of the world a better place to hang out! Ready…set…breathe!