Sign Up to Be An Affiliate! & An Invitation from Lorna Lange

I opened Synergy Fitness & Wellness in March 2009, to help individuals get more out of their lives through customized yoga, personal training, and wellness coaching.

For years I taught yoga and fitness for the local college and city recreation department. I met clients at their homes or public health clubs and even at my own brick and mortar studio. I finally decided it was time to create an online program that would better meet the spiritual needs of my clients. I created a unique inner yoga coaching program that teaches the key mindset and practices that help you live a happier, more peaceful life and become more who  you are really meant to be.  

Creating Personal Peace - Free Call

My main focus is to see you as a unique individual, to listen to your desires and needs, and to customize services to help you achieve higher-levels of well-being starting from day one.

 **Now, Here’s My Invitation to You**

On December 30, 2015 I am hosting a very important FREE teleclass: The Secret Power of Inner Yoga Preview Call
. The goal of this event is to promote enrollment for my Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program that focuses on 7 Key Teachings from ancient yoga wisdom that help you immediately access the power of inner yoga so you can shift from feeling anxious, angry or sad to feeling calmer, kinder and happier in any circumstance. Each teaching is accompanied by one or more guided practices to help you embody this ancient wisdom from the inside out.

And you have an opportunity here to make some excellent commissions! For every member of your community who attends the free class and signs up for the Inner Yoga Group Coaching Program, you’ll earn a 30% affiliate commission. That means on just one sale you can earn up to almost $300.

Here’s What You Need To Do…

1. Mark Your Calendar!

Promotion Dates: December 23-30, 2015

Live Call: December 30, 2015

2. Sign up to be an Affiliate Here

AND! We are going to make this so easy for you. Once you let us know you want in, we will send you all the marketing materials you need (soon) to let your list know about this free teleclass.

Much love and light,