My Approach
A Message from Lorna Lange

My intention is help people feel welcome and to provide yoga and coaching services that energize your spirit and make you happy to explore your innermost being in order to experience more energy, ease and joy in your life.

My main focus is to see you as a unique individual, to listen to your desires and needs, and to customize services to help you achieve higher-levels of well-being starting from day one.

I offer group yoga retreats, private intensives, and personal development coaching. Contact me to set up a time to visit about your needs:

My Approach

I’ve often been told by clients that I have a unique ability to lead them into a deeper experience than what they might have on their own. That I create a powerfully energetic, safe, supportive environment that carries them easily into it. That environment can include various elements: the physical environment of a retreat location, my voice (whether live, recorded, or over the phone), and the community of like-minded individuals that come together in my sessions and events.

They also tell me that because I often share my own experiences and “human-ness” with them, it all becomes more accessible and possible for them.

Whatever it is, people feel able to let go, explore, hope and share without self-consciousness or fear of judgment. I’m honored and grateful that this is so.