Things are transforming around here!

My website hasn’t quite caught up, but I’m so glad you are here!

To give you the inside scoop, I’ve shifted to working with clients in these 3 ways: personal growth coaching by phone, mind-body-spirit transformation at yoga retreats, and private in-person intensives customized toward any aspects of wellness, personal growth and spiritual development that you want support with.

If you’d like to find out more and are ready for a no-pressure, no-obligation, free consultation about your unique personal growth and wellness needs, then let’s schedule a Clarity Call right now!

Simply click here to apply for your complimentary Clarity Call!

There are limited spots for new clients at this time, so it’s important that you act right away. You can also contact me at 🙂

Let’s begin!

Love and light to you-


Yoga Teacher and Personal Transformation Coach